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Tuesday 6 October 2015 Day 1
Time Room A Room B
1015 - 1030 Official Pacific 2015 International Maritime Conference Opening Ceremony  
1030 - 1100 Keynote
Chair: John Jeremy
1030 - 1100 Keynote Address
Mr. Dale Ormond
Principal Director, Research,
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)
United States of America
1100 - 1130 Morning Tea Break
1130 - 1330 Session 1 - Ship Design
Session 2 - Marine Engineering
1130 - 1200 JHSV Platform Delivering Greater Capability and Opportunity to Naval Operations
Mr Andrew Malcolm
Austal, Australia
Modern Power and Propulsion System Options for Future Frigate Programmes
Mr Edward Wright
Rolls Royce Marine, New Zealand
1200 - 1230 The Aegir Logistics and Support Vessel (LSV) Design for the Royal Norwegian Navy – A Multi-role Flexible Platform
Mr Simon Jones & Commander Senior Grade Christian Irgens.
BMT Defence Services, United Kingdom/Norwegian Defence Logistic Organisation
The Real, the Virtual, and the Powerful: Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems for Naval Platform Testing and Research
Mr Robert Jarvis
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1230 - 1300 The Axe Bow Concept: Theoretical Background and Full Scale Experience
Mr J. L. Gelling, Dr J. A. (Lex) Keuning
Damen Shipyards/Delft University of Technology
Forensic Investigation of Low Voltage Coils from a Failed Dry Cast Propulsion Transformer
Dr Nigel St John
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1300 - 1330 Offshore Combatant Vessel – Concepts that did not Float (Refereed)
Mr John M Lord
University of NSW/Australian Defence Force Academy, Australia
The Evaluation Process of Energy System Configurations on Board Ships
Ioana Georgescu
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
1330 - 1430 Lunch Break
1430 - 1630 Session 3 - Ship Structures Session 4 - Submarine Hydrodynamics
1430 - 1500 The Need for Fatigue Life Prediction Methods Tailored to High-Speed Craft: A Technical Review (Refereed)
Ms Teresa Magoga
Australian Maritime College, Australia
Free Running Manoeuvring Model Tests on a Modern Generic SSK Class Submarine (BB2)
Mr Bas Overpelt
Maritime Research Institute, Netherlands
1500 - 1530 Design, Installation and Repair of Hull Sensors for the Measurement of Hull Slamming Pressure on Armidale Class Patrol Boats (Refereed)
Mr Peter Vincent
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
Impact of Casing Geometry on the Flow around a Conventional Submarine in Cross-Flow
Ms Mai-Chi Nguyen
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1530 - 1600 Analysis of HMAS GLENELG’s Onboard Structural Monitoring Data
Dr Seref Aksu
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of the Effect of Surface Roughness on Full-Scale Resistance, Wake and Self-Propulsion of a Submarine
Dr Gregory J. Seil
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1600 - 1630 The Quantification, Analysis and Assessment of Shock and Vibration Loading in High Speed Craft
Mr Philip Harris
Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Australia
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Submarine Mast Surface Wakes (Refereed)
Mr Jonathan Binns
Australian Maritime College, Australia
1630 - 1800 Session 5 - Maritime Environment Session 6 - Submarine Engineering
1630 - 1700 Ballast Water Treatment Under Challenging Conditions
Dr. Rasmus Folsø
DESMI Ocean Guard A/S, Denmark
Submarine Escape at an Angle – The Opening of and Egress Through an Escape Tower Upper Hatch
Mr Joshua B Peckham
QinetiQ Maritime (SMERAS),
United Kingdom
1700 - 1730 Prevention of Biofouling Using UV-Light Emission from Low Voltage Miniature LEDs
Dr Richard Piola
Defence Science and Technology Group , Australia
The Development and Operation of the Platform and Propulsion Trainers for the Royal Navy’s Astute Class Submarines
Mr Roger Baker & Mr David Pritchard
L3 Communications, United Kingdom
1730 - 1800 Large Diesel Engine Exhaust Noise Development Using One Dimensional (ID) Simulation
Mr David Bowden
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
Program-Centred Management of Submarines
Mr Sean Williams
Babcock Pty Ltd, Australia


Wednesday 7 October 2015 Day 2
Time Room A Room B
0830 - 1100 Session 7 - Ship Acquisition
Session 8 - Safety Assurance
0830 - 0900 Keynote Address
Rear Admiral Mark Purcell, RAN
Head of Maritime Systems
Capability, Acquisition & Sustainment Group
Department of Defence
0900 - 0930 Risk Management in Warship Acquisition
Mr Robert Simpson
Lloyd's Register
United Kingdom
The Missing Link In Maritime Safety
Mr Scott Smiles
Life Cell Marine Safety, Australia
0930 - 1000 Global Marine Technology Trends 2030
Mr Iain Kennedy
Qinetiq, United Kingdom
Safety is a Journey, Not a Destination
Ms Kimberley Turner
Aerosafe Risk Management, Australia
1000 - 1030 Towards a Methodology for Naval Capability Concept and Requirements Exploration in an Off-the-Shelf Procurement Environment (Refereed)
Mr Brett Morris
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
Goal based regulation – The NATO Naval Ship Code and Naval Submarine Code
Mr Robert Simpson
Lloyd's Register, United Kingdom
1030 - 1100 Rapid Ship Design Evolution Using Computer Algorithms - A Scientific Approach to SEA1180
Mr Aidan Depetro
BMT Design & Technology, Australia
Inflatable Lifejacket Requirements for Encumbered Military Personnel (Refereed)
David Drohan
Department of Defence, Australia
1100 - 1130 Morning Tea Break
1130 - 1330 Session 9 - Naval Shipbuilding Quadrilateral
Chair: Dr Stuart Cannon
Session 10 - Ship Operations
1130 - 1200

Naval Shipbuilding Quadrilateral -

United Kingdom

A panel of presenters will address the conference, with the opportunity for questions to be directed to panel members on completion.
The Polar Code and how it will Improve Ship Survivability in Antarctic and Southern Ocean Operations
Ms Jennifer Knox
Lightning Naval Architecture, Australia
1200 - 1230 Human Centred Design for Enhanced Navigation Systems: Shifting the Focus on User Needs
Dr Michelle Grech
Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Australia
1230 - 1300 Branding the Strengths of Maritime Business
Dr Juhani Pekkola
Kymenlaakso University, Finland
1300 - 1330

A State-of-the-Art Approach to Ship and Fleet Performance Management
Mr Christian von Oldershausen
DNV-GL Germany

1330 - 1430 Lunch Break
1430 - 1630 Session 11 - Ship Building
Session 12 - Ship Stability
1430 - 1500 Naval Sector Workforce Demographics, Supply & Demand
Mr Robert Kremer
Kinetic Recruitment, Australia
Platform Stability Management Program
Violeta Gabrovska
Qinetiq Australia
1500 - 1530 Update on the Air Warfare Destroyer Capability
Mr Rod Equid
AWD Alliance, Australia
An Integrated Capability to Assess RAN Platform Recoverability After a Damage Event
Mr Anthony Woolley
Defence Science and Technology Group Australia
1530 - 1600

Maintaining the Design Intent - Delivering Availability and Safety, and the Price of Failure
Mr Jonathan Woodman
BMT Group, Australia

Quasi-Static Intact Stability Criterion for Ships with Well Decks (Refereed)
Mr Peter Hayes
Department of Defence, Australia
1600 - 1630   Towards the Implementation of a Generalised Inclining Method for the Determination of the Centre of Gravity (Refereed)
Mr Alistair Smith
University of NSW, Australia
1630 - 1800 Session 13 - Ship Mooring Session 14 - Ship Design
1630 - 1700 New Technology and Advances in Mooring Integrity Management
Mr Tim Lee
AMOG Consulting, Australia
Maximising Fuel Efficiency by Utilising Full-Scale CFD for the Initial Ship Design Process – Validation and Application for Large Catamarans (Refereed)
Mr Max Haase
Australian Maritime College, Australia
1700 - 1730 Mooring Arrangement Design to Minimise Berthed Ship Motions Due to a Passing Ship (Refereed)
Mr Jonathan Duffy
Australian Maritime College, Australia
Signature Management - The Unseen Operational Advantage
Ms Becky Thomas
QinetiQ, United Kingdom
1730 - 1800   Free running simulation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle undergoing a straight line manoeuvre via Computational Fluid Dynamics (Refereed)
Dr Zhi Quan Leong
Australian Maritime College, Australia
1800 - 1930 Pacific 2015 International Maritime Conference Cocktail Reception
Sydney Room, Johnstons Bay Wharf, Glebe Island


Thursday 8 October 2015 Day 3
Time Room A Room B
0830 - 1100 Session 15 - Maritime Research
Session 16 - Submarines
0830 - 0900 Keynote Address
Dr Patricia Gruber
Technical Director of the Office of Naval Research Global
US Navy
0900 - 0930 Training Australia’s Research Engineers in the Maritime Defence Industry – A Collaboration between Industry, Government and Universities (Refereed)
Assoc Prof Jonathan Binns
Australian Maritime College, Australia
Multimission Submarines & Innovations
Mr Xavier Mesnet
DCNS Research, France
0930 - 1000 Development and Validation of Non-Linear Seakeeping Tools for High Speed Craft (Refereed)
Mr Frans van Walree
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
On the Integration of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) with Naval Systems and Operations
Dr Derek Rogers
Saab Australia
1000 - 1030 Experimental Investigation of Flow Noise: Scaling Laws and Feasibility Study
Dr Alex Skvortsov
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
AIP from an Operational Perspective
Mr Daniel Mahon
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Germany
1030 - 1100 Predicting and Regulating Vessel Generated Waves Within Sheltered Waterways (Refereed)
Assoc Prof Gregor Macfarlane
Australian Maritime College, Australia
An Investigation into the Penalties Incurred due to Operational Constraints Imposed on a SSK-Type Submarine in an Operational Area
Mr Simon Harrison
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1100 - 1130 Morning Tea Break
1130 - 1330 Session 17 - New Designs Session 18 - Submarine Technology
1130 - 1200 A Combat System Design/Build Approach for Australia’s Future Submarine
Mr Graham Smith
Lockheed Martin Australia Electronic Systems, Australia
Persistent Antisubmarine Warfare Unmanned Surface Vessel
Mr Robert Dane
Ocius Technology/Thalesgroup, Australia
1200 - 1230 Italian Naval Shipbuilding – Full Steam Ahead
Mr Marco Cerruti
Fincantieri S.p.A., Italy
Homing for Autonomous Multi-Platform Docking (Refereed)
Mr James R Keane
Australian Maritime College, Australia
1230 - 1300 Quart In A Pint Pot: Compact, Affordable And Multi-Mission Fighting Ships From Germany: The Blohm + Voss MEKO® PATROL CORVETTE”
Mr Jonathan Kamerman
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH,
SRMII - A Reconfigurable Free Running Model Submarine Capability
Mr Paul Crossland
QinetiQ, United Kingdom
1300 - 1330 The Benefits of Ship Waste Heat Recovery using a Supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle
Mr David Tanner
Granite Power/BMT Defence Services, Australia
The Hydrodynamic Interaction Effects on a Fully Appended AUV Operating Near a Moving Submarine (Refereed)
Dr Zhi Quan Leong
Australian Maritime College, Australia
1330 - 1430 Lunch Break
1430 - 1630 Session 19 - Ship Sustainment Session 20 - Submarine Engineering
1430 - 1500


Latest Developments in Fuel Cell based Air Independent Propulsion Systems for Submarines
Mr Peter Hauschildt
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Germany
1500 - 1530


Model Based Control of Submarine Diesel Generators
Dr Peter Hield
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1530 - 1600   Development of a Load Control System for a Submarine Diesel Engine
Dr Peter Hield
Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
1600 - 1630 Official PACIFIC 2015 International Maritime Conference Closing Ceremony
1700 - 1800 PACIFIC 2015 - Industry Networking Function - Exhibition Floor
1800 - 1915 PACIFIC 2015 - Harbourside Finale and Naval Spectacular
Johnstons Bay Wharf, Glebe Island