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a dynamic region

The PACIFIC 2015  International Maritime Exposition is a dynamic event for a dynamic region.

The Indo-Asia-Pacific region, perhaps more than any other part of the world, is critically dependent on the sea lanes for trade and transport.

The region boasts some of the largest ship building nations in the world and some of the world’s busiest ports.

The diverse maritime nations of the Indo-Asia-Pacific are also heavily dependent on passenger and coastal shipping and the free movement of large petroleum, gas and ore carriers and are profoundly conscious of the need to safeguard the sovereignty of their respective Exclusive Economic Zones.

In conjunction with their long term economic growth, the nations of the region are undergoing dramatic technological development. The importance of maritime resources has driven a strong demand for high quality maritime products and services and burgeoning local industry capabilities across the region.

For over a century, Australia has been a leading and influential player in the region’s maritime community. It is a large and technologically-advanced market in its own right and a major economic and military power within the region.

The world’s only island continent, Australia is uniquely positioned within the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and is strategically located on the south-east Asian rim. The nation’s separation from other landmasses and its vast coastline and internal distances mean its maritime trade represents the third largest shipping task in the world, and these have shaped the development of its maritime security policies, based first on a strong Navy.

Australians are helping plan, design and build the maritime trade and security architectures that will help sustain the region’s peaceful development through the 21st Century. The Australian Defence Force is amongst the most respected and influential in the region and the Royal Australian Navy is among the biggest and most sophisticated operators of high technology ships, submarines, aircraft and naval equipment. The RAN has strong ties with its counterparts in Asia and the Indo-Pacific. It has a vigorous international program of multilateral exercises and training activities across the region and its acquisition decisions, equipment choices and technological assessments are noted carefully.

The Australian Defence Force is embarking on a period of significant growth and modernisation, and plans to launch new capital equipment and services acquisition projects worth more than AUD$150 billion over the next decade. The RAN is acquiring, or planning to introduce, major new platforms, including air warfare destroyers, amphibious landing ships, a new class of conventional submarines and a new family of frigates, along with associated weapons, sensors, munitions, electronics and communications systems.

Other navies of the Asia Pacific region are embarking upon similar upgrades, with many acquiring or seeking to acquire new vessels and aircraft, patrol boats, submarines, landing craft, frigates and supporting systems.

Perfectly positioned, commercially disciplined and internationally focused, Australia is the ideal conduit for promoting into the dynamic maritime markets of Asia and the Indo-Pacific.

PACIFIC 2015  is the place to do business in the region!